Trans-Disciplinary Solutions
for Modeling & Simulation


MARS provides a complete toolchain from data import to evaluation.

Massive Scale

Sophisticated architecture and scalability allow arbitrary complexity.


Develop in a Web-UI and execute the model on a high-performance cloud.

The MARS Group (Multi Agent Research and Simulation) of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences is developing a distributed and highly scalable agent simulation framework for use in research and education.

In contrast to existing simulation environments, MARS is not a single program, but a service, accessible through your web browser. The MARS WebSuite features a multitude of processes and tools chained together with a focus on usability to provide an approach to today’s simulation requirements.

With MARS not being a commercial product but a student project, we try to incorporate state-of-the-art techniques and technologies and apply them to simulation needs. Read more about our goals and research opportunities on this webpage and check out our news to keep up to date!