The MARS Group is part of the research environment of the Department of Computer Science at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. We have an open-space office with 13 fixed work desks on the 4th floor (room 4.80) of BT-7. Both bachelor and master students work here within the scope of their theses and/or a student employment.


Thomas Clemen
Project leadership and representation.
Michael Köhler-Bußmeier
Theoretical Computer Science, Computational Organisation Theory.
Greg Kiker
Professor (Dept. of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, University of Florida)
KNP model development and simulation platform comparison.
Christian Hüning
Ph.D. Student
Technical project lead and development of MARS LIFE application.
Ulfia A. Lenfers
Ph.D. Student
Model development for the ARS AfricaE project.
Mitja Adebahr
M.Sc. Student
ARS AfricaE model implementation and database services.
Jan Dalski
M.Sc. Student
Generic agent architecture, WebGL visualization and website.
Carolin Dohmen
B.Sc. Student
Modellentwicklung und Implementierung
Janus Dybulla
M.Sc. Student
Simulation results visualization.
Daniel Glake
M.Sc. Student
Lukas Grundmann
M.Sc. Student
Immune system simulation, infrastructure and Linux support.
Lennart Karsten
M.Sc. Student
Websuite development, GIS data processing and Linux infrastructure support.
Philipp Kayser
M.Sc. Student
GPU-based distributed environment.
Andreas Löffler
M.Sc. Student
Smart Rescue Model
Florian Ocker
M.Sc. Student
Spatial environment representation.
Florian Schädler
M.Sc. Student
Niklas Voss
M.Sc. Student
Keno Weßels
M.Sc. Student
MARS Cloud Groupware Development
Julius Weyl
M.Sc. Student
Graphical Model Editor.


Alexander Schnoor
Bachelor of Science | 2015
View protocol specification and Unity-based visualization.
Torben Woggan
Master of Science | 2015
Layer logging service for simulation data output.
Jan Steffen
Master of Science | 2015
A spatio-temporal data warehouse for heterogenous ecological data.
Daniela Niemeyer
Bachelor of Science | 2015
Goal-oriented action planning in evacuation scenarios.
Jana Asmussen
Bachelor of Science | 2015
Modelling of cheetah/impala hunting behaviour.
Daniel Steiman
Master of Science | 2014
Context awareness for multi agent simulations based on reactive computing.
Mariusz Baldowski
Master of Science | 2014
Investigation of forest biomass growth with a spatial composite indicator.
Hodabalo Pereki
Ph.D. | 2013
Simulation of tree growth and biomass fluctuations in Abdoulaye Wildlife Reserve.