Thomas Clemen
Project leadership and representation.

Marina Tropmann-Frick
Data Science: Analytics and Visualization.

Karen Bradshaw
GPU-based simulation, teaching socio-ecological modelling.
Computer Science Department, Rhodes University, South Africa

Greg Kiker
KNP model development and simulation platform comparison.
Dept. of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, University of Florida

Michael Köhler-Bußmeier
Theoretical Computer Science, Computational Organisation Theory.

PhD Students

Daniel Glake
SmartOpen Hamburg, Polyglot-Datamanagement and OpenData Integration, Runtime System and MARS domain-specific language (MARS DSL)

Ulfia A. Lenfers
Model development for the ARS AfricaE project.

Master Students

Janus Dybulla
Simulation results visualization.

Florian Ocker
Spatial environment representation.

Bachelor Students

Daniel Osterholz

Nima Ahmady



Julius Weyl
Smart Open Hamburg

Michael Müller
Snapshot mechanism to pause and resume simulations.


Jan Dalski
Generic agent architecture, WebGL visualization and website.

Lennart Karsten
GIS data processing, public relations, infrastructure and Linux support.

Petar Krastev
Cascading deletion of assets.

Prannoy Mulmi
Archiving finished simulation data.

Philipp Kayser
GPU-based distributed environment.

Lukas Grundmann
Immune system simulation, infrastructure and Linux support.


Christian Hüning
Development of MARS LIFE application and MARS Cloud.


Niklas Voss

Jana Asmussen
Modelling of cheetah/impala hunting behaviour.

Daniela Niemeyer
Goal-oriented action planning in evacuation scenarios.

Alexander Schnoor
View protocol specification and Unity-based visualization.

Jan Steffen
A spatio-temporal data warehouse for heterogenous ecological data.

Torben Woggan
Layer logging service for simulation data output.

Daniel Steiman
Context awareness for multi agent simulations based on reactive computing.


Mariusz Baldowski
Investigation of forest biomass growth with a spatial composite indicator.


Hodabalo Pereki
Simulation of tree growth and biomass fluctuations in Abdoulaye Wildlife Reserve.